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The Wild Doc's Response to Candace Owens Episode 4: Baby’s First Shot In The Dark (Hepatitis B) (PDF)

This is the PDF of the links mentioned in the video.

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Reviewing the Science About Vitamin D vs COVID-19 Vaccine

Vitamin D clinical trials show major survival benefits and decreases in ICU admission rates! This vitamin is essential for a properly functioning immune response. Why are the US and even the World Health Organization officials ignoring the science of essentials and parroting the religious mantra that a vaccine will be our “savior?”

The results of the study were astounding!

Out of 50 patients treated with calcifediol ( immediately active form of “Vit D”) only 1 required admission to the ICU (2%) with no one dying.

Of the 26 untreated patients, 13 required admission (50%) with 2 deaths (7.6%).

Of the patients treated with calcifediol, none died, and all were discharged, without complications but yet this science seems to be ignored by the medical community and the US government…Why?

Fact-Checking MSM Are Vitamins Such as C, D, and Zinc Truly Worthless Against the Virus?

Directly from the National Institutes of Health, “Physician-Fact-Sheet” on Zinc. It is an antiviral necessary for the prevention of pneumonia! Do not let the MainStream Media lie to you.

Science is manipulating the truth!

When is the most important time to take Vitamin C and Zinc if you have Covid?

Also, these studies can help us understand the critical importance of taking care of our deficiencies rather than trying to use a supplement as a “treatment” for a virus.

RANT On Flu Vaccines, Tamiflu, Tylenol & Reducing Fevers.

I will say this right off the bat, seeing the faces of the children that are dying and knowing what I know, things that everyone deserves to know, it is heartbreaking to see this happening to so many! The lies and corruption have to stop!

The drug Tamiflu is a scam and it was never even approved by the FDA to lower the risk of dying or lower the risk of pneumonia, yet it’s being prescribed, literally to everyone who has the flu or even the common cold it seems.

What’s worse is that legitimate research now shows that the drug can actually increase the risk of people dying and even causes children to commit suicide! The inaction by the medical community seems to speak volumes to their ignorance or willful neglect? Do they really care about the lives of children? If they did, they wouldn’t be giving out these drugs and they would be calling for the prosecution of the drug companies who have lied to them and caused them to kill their patients.

The Wild Doc's Response to Candace Owen's Episode 7: Focus on Tetanus (PDF)

This is the PDF of the links mentioned in the video.

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The Wild Doc's Response to Candace Owen's Episode 6: Rotavirus (Dissolving Delusions about Childhood Diarrhea) PDF

This is the PDF of the links mentioned in the video.

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